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"I was exposed to Hinduism from a very early age. My parents made sure that I understood about my background and about my heritage. It was different for me than for them because I did not grow up in India. Hence, I was exposed to many different cultures, but I never strayed away from my own. At first, I did not appreciate going to the temple or doing pujas. But gradually, thanks to the teachings I got at Chinmaya Mission (a worldwide Hindu non-profit organization that seeks to empower individuals through the knowledge of Vedanta), I started gaining more and more appreciation about my religion, my culture, and the various traditions and teachings that came with it. Those teachings have really helped me out in my life. Thanks to them, I am now able to maintain some good amount of balance in my life, and I try to live everyday in the best way possible. Negativities do come, and I do not always react the right way. However, remembering Hinduism and Vedanta helps me get through the toughest of situations, if I am able to calm my mind and bring it back to focus."

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