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"When I turned 22 years old, I had a stable job, strong relationships with my loved ones, an apartment, and a healthy body. Basically, I had everything I thought I needed to be happy. So it was a strange surprise to me when I woke up every day with a consistent sense of hopelessness. After venting to my mom, she suggested that I attend a youth camp where I would learn about Hinduism and Vedanta.

I watched a couple of videos concerning these topics and became intrigued by the idea that each human has the ability to make himself or herself happy without relying on people or things. I was still skeptical of the idea, but I decided to take a chance and attend the camp. After all, I had all the people and things I needed and I was still unhappy. Perhaps this camp would help me figure things out.

And it did. That camp became the reason why I have continued to study Vedanta for the past couple of years and why I identify myself as Hindu. For me, the beauty of Hinduism rests in its focus on happiness. A happiness that is not dependent on effervescent, material things. By believing in this religion, I take responsibility for my own happiness.

Today, 4 years later, I have a similar life to the 22 years old version of myself. I am grateful for everything I have, but I also understand that these aspects of my life are dynamic. Instead of depending on other people and things to make me happy, I understand that happiness is a deeply personal matter. And this imbues me with a sense of hope every day because I can create my happiness instead of allowing external factors to create it for me."

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