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"I recall a lot of my early childhood being spent amongst an ashram community and attending satsang every Sunday. I was brought up in a Hindu household, as were my parents. But at a young age I did not understand religion. To me going to an ashram or temple meant playing with other kids whose families were similar to mine, and having a sense of community.

When I was 10 years old, I had the privilege of going to school in India and that's when I started developing a stronger connection with religion, culture, and spirituality, and forming my own beliefs and identity.

Presently, I am grateful to be studying Vedanta and to be connected with people who teach me and uplift me in so many ways. Vedanta guides how I see the world, and I hope I continue to gain clarity and joy by engaging in Vedanta, and wish the same for others who come across it.

Although I identify as Hindu, my understanding of the concept of God and my faith are always developing and changing. I learn new things all the time- even by helping create this website I gained new perspectives about different Hindu concepts. However, my interest and reverence for the beautiful and ancient philosophies of this world, including Vedanta, will always be constant in my life regardless of how my faith evolves. I hope I continue to learn more, reflect more, and connect more wherever I may be in the future.

I take pride in who I am and where I am from, and I hope that those who engage in my culture lovingly and respectfully also learn some cool new things and perhaps gain something helpful for their own journeys."

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