Education Steps

Our Anti-Racist Pledge

July 16, 2020

Ahimsa: Nonviolence.

Brahmacharya: Self-development.

Satya: Truth.

The creators of Humans of Hinduism believe that words must be followed by progress, action, and accountability. That’s why we’re committed to channeling the wisdom of this ancient religion into a platform of peace for the modern day society. We consider it our dharma (or eternal responsibility) to be actively anti-racist. The fight to end police brutality and disproportionate targeting of Black people is a freedom struggle which has its roots several centuries ago and has still not seen justice prevail. In its steadfast pursuit of liberty and righteousness, this movement is analogous to the battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas. After being cheated and exiled, the Pandavas tried every method of peaceful negotiation and submission, only to be refused time again, which led to them having to resort to fighting for their basic rights. This same fight for dharma is what we are uniting for, in support of our Black brothers and sisters. Below you will find resources on how to get involved with supporting Black communities, educating oneself and others, cleansing ourselves of our implicit biases, advocating for change within systemic practices, and participating in outreach to promote racial justice.

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